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    Ultra-High Strength Polyethylene Fiber
    IZANAS® with 8 times higher strength of piano wire features shock absorption power, light stability and chemical resistance. It doesn’t cause heat deterioration by moisture and is ultra-light material super fiber enough to float on water.

    Uses : fishing line, rope for vessel, various types of nets, protective gloves, helmet, etc.

  • Tsunooga

    High-strength polyethylene fiber
    Tsunooga is a high-strength polyethylene fiber with excellent resistance to cutting and light weight. Our own technology realized over 2 times higher cut resistance than polyethylene fiber and nylon fiber, especially beyond Para-aramid. It is a new super fiber which success in various industrial fields is expected.

    Uses : protective gloves, bedding(cool touch to the skin), etc.

  • ZYLON®

    PBO Fiber
    ZYLON®, an organic fiber, is a super fiber with the world highest level of strength, extraordinary flame resistance, high modulus and thermal stability. It is widely used in various industrial fields as a heat-resistant material in addition to protective clothings such as fire-fighting garment.

    Uses : fire-fighting garment, protective gloves, heat-resistant suit, sports equipment