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Functional Resins

VYLON® is widely used as the pioneer of copolyester resin in various fields such as adhesives, coating agents, and so on due to its excellent properties.

Product list

Amorphous co-polyester (Solvent soluble type)

Co-polyester resin that can be dissolved in general purpose organic solvents. Due to the dissolving property, it is widely used as paint for can and PCM(Pre- coated Metal) and as liquid type adhesive.(mostly paint and adhesive uses)

  • VYLON®
    Crystalline co-polyester

    Co-polyester resin that contains crystalline property. It is hotmelt adhesive with various crystalline characteristics. It shows good adhesion to films, metal plates such as aluminum, iron, and formed plastic products made of polyester, vinyl chloride, and polycarbonate. (mostly hotmelt adhesive uses)

Water-based co-polyester

Water dispersed co-polyester. It is widely applied as human body eco-friendly uses responding paint and adhesive.

VYLON® UR Series
Polyester urethane

Co-polyester urethane adhesive, coating agent based on VYLON®.

Paste for electronic applications
Conductive paste

Toyobo's pastes for electronic applications are developed based on the co-polyester technology accumulated for many years. This paste has flexibility and adhesion enough to be compatible with PET film, and has various grades according to uses and materials.


    VYLOMAX®, a heat resistant polymer developed by Toyobo's advanced polymer technology, has both amide and imide gruop, and gives excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance.

    Polyester resin for hotmelt molding

    Thermoplastic resin for low pressure molding. This enables waterproof and protection for electronic parts(automotive) and high reliabilities against shocks.