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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy of Toyobo Group

“Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu ― Realizing Prosperity by Acting Rationally”

“Jun-Ri” means acting rationally, thereby doing the right thing, never the wrong.
“Soku-Yu” means realizing prosperity for society by adhering to “Jun-Ri”, while also growing ourselves.

Our founder Eiichi Shibusawa had lived by the word “Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu”, quoted from a Chinese Confucianist Cheng Yi.
We inherit the founder’s motto as our corporate philosophy, which advocates the importance of uniting morality and economy.

Corporate Social Responsibility Charter of Toyobo Korea

Toyobo Korea and Toyobo Group are committed to actively fulfilling social responsibilities and to contributing to the development of a sound and sustainable society through the provision of products and services.

In addition, Toyobo Korea act with high ethical values and social demeanor to be a reliable company based on the following 10 principles.

  • 01

    Contributing to a sustainable society

  • 02

    Fair business practices

  • 03

    Communication with stakeholders

  • 04

    Respect for human rights

  • 05

    Earn customers’ trust and satisfaction

  • 06

    Active employee participation

  • 07

    Engagement in environment issues

  • 08

    Social contribution

  • 09

    Thorough crisis management

  • 10

    Responsibilities of the management

Management Vision and Company Slogan of Toyobo Group

The Toyobo Group's vision is to be the category leader, continuing to create new value that contributes to
society in the environment, healthcare, and high-function product fields.

Based on the company philosophy , we pursue “Next TOYOBO” with brilliant “Ideas”
that form high-function and “Chemistry” that creates new materials.