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Functional Materials

  • Filters materials(Activated carbon fibers, etc.)

    Starting with activated carbon fibers and applied to practical use for the first time in the world, we have been developing various uses by applying various processes. Functionalities are based on such unique materials as electrostatic filter Elitoron®, and inorganic zeolite absorbent with polymer fabric that has semi-permanent electrolysis function.

    Uses : automotive dust elimination, deodorization filter, deodorization filter for ozone removal, HVAC equipment filter, etc.

  • VOC adsorption treatment, solvent recovering device, device system

    Equipment device system that effectively absorbs and recovers VOC from exhaust emissions, concentrates and reuses VOC, and decomposes by combustion with catalyst.

    Uses: Industies(plants) of painting, printing, liquid crystal and semi-conductor