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Functional Resins

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Engineering Plastics and Elastomer

    High performance polyamide resin

    GLAMIDE® is a high performance polyamide resin that can substitute metals or thermosetting resin. It satisfies requirements for both ample strength and good appearance, along with high dimensional accuracy. Special grades such as a high melting point 6T- nylon and transparent nylon are available, and non-halogen and flame resistant grades are also provided.

    Uses : engine covers, door mirror stays, etc.

    Thermoplastic polyester resin for injection molding

    It shows excellent dimensional stability in the surrounding environment temperature, in addition to excellent heat resistance, rigidity, chemical resistance, and electric properties. It also has superior moldability due to the adoption of crystallization controlling technology.

    Uses : Headlamp reflectors, interior and exterior auto-parts, etc.

High heat resistance, high precision resin

It shows excellent heat resistance for continuous use in over 200 ℃, and its molded parts with less bending or contraction have excellent dimension stability. It is tough on acid, alkali and organic solvent and has good chemical resistance. It satisfies UL94V-0 without the use of flame retardant.

Uses : electric and electronic equipment parts, automotive parts, home appliance, etc.

    Biomass polyamide resin

    Biomass polyamide made from the plant ingredient of castor oil beans. The melting point 315℃ shows the highest level of heat resistance compared to the existing high melting point polyamide, and has excellent dimensional stability due to low absorption property.

    Uses : IT related parts(Surface Mounting Technology), automotive related parts(for high heat resistance), etc.


    Polyester elastomer

    PELPRENE is an elastomer having a combination of both features of rubbers and engineering plastics. PELPRENE can be processed through injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and so on, into the various kinds of articles covering from micro-precision parts to thin wide-sheets. Among thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), PELPRENE is ranked closest to the engineering plastics, and marked as most reliable material.

    Uses : CVJ Boots, electric wire coating material, tube/hose, gear, etc.

Composite∙ Elastomer, Stretchable Composite Fabric

  • QuickForm®
    High performance stampable sheet

    QuickForm® Random Sheet is totally unique stampable sheet that satisfies requirements of excellent property and formability through TOYOBO’s original impregnating process.

    Uses : safety equipment, helmet, high-pressure tank material, etc.

  • High performance cushion material

    Stretchable composite fabric with the use of elastic yarn made from polyester elastomer. It realizes higher level of performance as a cushion material(surface material, pad material, foam material).

  • CAE System

    TOYOBO CAE System
    Computer simulation

    The expertise, garnered from mold processing simulation accumulated over many years, helps in the design of molds and moldings. Especially, large deformation problems with elastomer and warpage of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic, which had been very difficult to simulate in the past, can now be simulated with a high degree of accuracy.